Estate Sales By Sabrina, LLC
We announce your sale by emails to thousands who subscribe to either our own extensive email list or to estate sales websites.
We post numerous signs in your neighborhood during the days of the sale to draw traffic (as allowed by local ordinances and homeowner association rules).
We are licensed and insured.  We obtain any permits required. 
We hire quality staff who enjoy being part of the team.  They are courteous and maintain a buying environment for shoppers.
We provide sound pricing of your antiques, collectibles, furniture, tools, and household goods that is supported by our extensive experience in the estate sales market.  Sabrina is a member of the National Association of Antiques & Collectibles (ACNA) and is herself a collector.
After the sale and depending on your wishes, we offer clear-out services so the house can be ready to sell.  We can empty out the home and sweep up the bare floors.  We offer arrangements for buyout, charity pickup, and disposal of leftovers.  Our costs for services would simply be deducted from the sale proceeds.
Sabrina can refer realtors to you.  HINT:  It is better to have the estate sale before listing the house itself for sale.  The sale usually brings many people who also become interested in the house.
Through the whole process, we keep you part of the decision-making.