Estate Sales By Sabrina, LLC
We prepare a home and price-tag most everything in it, then open it to the public for two to four days.  We bring many times as many buyers than a garage sale or an auction could.

Whatever your needs are we can make an appointment to come to your home for a free consultation and free estimate.  Our fee is a percent of total proceeds of the sales.  That's right - We don't charge upfront fees!  The percentage depends on size, the overall value of the goods to sell, location, preparation and cleaning needed, and other circumstances that may effect our costs.

We do not take possession of your property to resell it, we simply provide the services to sell property that is yours until sold to the end buyers.  So, our incentive is to maximize gross revenue and minimize leftovers.  If there are any leftovers we offer assistance with that, too.
Sabrina's experience as a merchandiser becomes obvious as she attractively arranges your rooms and belongings for display on tables and fixtures.  She takes particular pride in this.
Our cashiers record what was sold and for how much in order that we can provide a list to you.
We publish your sale on 3 major estate sales websites, the KC Star website and newspaper, Facebook, Craigslist, our own website, and other venues.